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Karelyn's Vegan

Cheeze Steak Kit

Cheeze Steak Kit

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Karelyn's infamous Cheeze Steak is FINALLY ready for your home!

This Vegan Philly is one of our Best Sellers and now we've created a blend perfectly ready for your home meals! Seasoned plant based, house-made Steak , paired with fresh bell peppers and farm fresh onions. All complete and together in your frozen package!

At Karelyn's, we finish it with melted vegan cheeze and plant based mayo on top of a toasted hoagie bun. 

Now it's your turn to be the chef! Pair this delicious meat substitute with rice, vegetables, pita bread, mashed potatoes, even pasta! The options are endless with our steak alternatives!

There is no sacrifice with flavor here. This is the "new meat"! 

We've done all the cooking for you! Simply reheat and enjoy!!!

Makes 2-3 Meals per package | 16 Ounces per bag. 


* Be advised: All Food Orders will ship the following Monday of each week


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